Publications 2016

Experience in the area of electric mobility in China: A talk by Franziska Paßon at the Gießen-Friedberg Chamber of Industry and Commerce

How do Chinese consumers experience electric mobility in their country? What are the drivers and barriers when buying an electric car in China?

Spiegel Institut Akademie: User Experience im Fokus

For over nine years, Spiegel Institut has offered expert knowledge at its own academy. The time had come to expand the academy’s offer to include the topic of user experience and give the entire academy appearance a new look.

Dirk Obermeier’s book “Marktforschung zwischen den Welten” presented on

Globalization implies that marketing and market research activities quite naturally take place at a global level. It often happens that a parent company in one country contracts and manages its research activities from a central location, usually with the desire of having comparable data collected in the various markets.

2015 was also a successful year for personnel: Spiegel Institut has thirty new staff members

In 2015, Spiegel Institut welcomed 30 colleagues to its headquarters in Mannheim and offices in Ingolstadt and Beijing.