Publications 2020

Xiao Hong Shu (Little Red Book) is THE e-commerce cosmetics platform in China

04. December 2020
A few years ago, when we asked Chinese participants in our studies which social media platforms they regularly use, we usually received two answers: WeChat and Weibo (similar to Twitter). But as time passes by, we now hear one name more and more often, especially from female participants: Xiao Hong Shu (“little red book”).

In-Car Dashcams, a must-have for Chinese drivers - or: how to protect yourself from Pèngcí

27. November 2020
Have you ever heard about the Chinese word “Pèngcí”? Let's find out what it means and why dashcams become more and more desirable for drivers in China.

What about a premium second-hand vehicle?

29. October 2020
Are Chinese consumers ready for second-hand cars? We would like to take a closer look at this question in this article.

Premium brands – sold as 100 % new “second-hand” products?

27. October 2020
Second-hand in Germany probably reminds many of flea markets and used products for little money. But in China a completely new market for new second-hand products has established itself. Premium brands are in high demand – especially on second-hand platforms.

Online communities in China – does it work?

19. October 2020
Online communities as a market research method is becoming more and more popular now. Since we have conducted several global market research studies using online communities ourselves, we have observed significant differences of the communication behavior between Chinese and users from other countries.

How local Chinese navigation apps are fulfilling users’ needs

02. July 2020
When we are conducting vehicle relevant studies, there is one thing that we hear again and again from Chinese users, especially owners of foreign car brands: “The built-in navigation system in the car is terrible, I only use my phone to navigate.”

Smart Home in China

27. May 2020
More and more Chinese consumers are integrating smart home devices into their homes. In the beginning, the early adopters were those young people who would like to try something fancy and new. After they have gathered good experience, they will potentially take a second purchase, but this time for their parents.

Online Education in China: Learning something new everywhere and at any time

25. May 2020
There are plenty of online courses in China, including different majors – more precisely: you can find online courses for almost everything. Different platforms are gathering teachers for different majors. Each platform has its own focus like music, painting art, foreign languages, after-school tutorials, etc. So online courses are a real business in China.

Chinese Navigation Apps

26. February 2020
There is a clear trend among Chinese users when it comes to navigation apps – Chinese applications are highly preferred. We have compared several Chinese navigation apps with non-Chinese navigation apps and found out several outstanding features. We will therefore give a China-specific-feature overview and relevant culture background explanations.

A New Purchase Channel for Chinese Consumers

20. February 2020
While teleshopping channels are well known in Germany, shopping goes one step further in China via personal live-streams. Find out more about a new level of shopping.

Chinese Children and their Robot Toys

18. February 2020
Robots for children are more in demand in China than ever. The main customers of this kind of robot are modern young parents with children under 6 years old. Find out more about the features and the purpose of the product.

Christmas and New Year`s Eve in China

15. January 2020
It may surprise you, but nowadays Christmas is also celebrated in China. Although New Year's Eve is celebrated all over the world, there are quite some differences between German and Chinese customs. In our new article we clarifiy what Christmas and New Year is about in China.