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Are you are facing a mountain of raw data and need a strategy for analysis that quickly leads you to relevant information?

Are you looking for insights from the flood of data from your customers, be it objective data (e.g., sensor data, structure data etc.) or subjective data (e.g., from social media, market research studies, etc.), or both?

Do you want to link your data from different data sources to be able to compare and analyze them?

Do you need support in the graphic visualization of complex data analyses?

  • We externally prepare collected data sets and give structure to the mountains of data. We analyze data with our specific tools, discern remarkable insights and find the real nuggets.
  • We understand data, connect the dots and interpret findings based on our expertise in market psychology. We draw up the results of our study to precisely meet your requirements and questions.

Our methods

RECModul, Kamera


With RecModul®, we record vehicle-related data (e.g., speed) in real time while driving by linking our own survey software directly to a vehicle interface. We use the signals sent from the vehicle to establish a connection between survey content and predefined events (such as, reaching a certain speed). This allows for data to be collected directly after experiencing an event rather than the usual practice of keeping a logbook or holding post-hoc interviews.
Icon Datenvisualisierung, Finger beruehrt

Data visualization

In addition to the challenge of analyzing complex data, it is equally important to prepare these in a way that is adequate for the recipients. We use the power of visualization as we want the findings to be useful and lead to feasible measures for implementation. This is even easier if the large amounts of information are appropriately displayed graphically.
DriveTrack Icon, schnelles Auto


We developed the DriveTrack® method in order to collect representative statements on customers’ real driving behavior, e.g., in a specific car model, using random samples and data loggers. This allows the relatively expensive measuring procedure to be implemented even for smaller budgets.
Icon Dashboards, Smartphone


In on-going projects, we support you by programming dashboards in order to quickly visualize a clear and condensed picture of the data during the data collection phase. We choose to the appropriate tools according to your desires. We create dashboards in the form of dynamic HTML pages, TableauTM, or Qlikview®.
Icon Regressionsanalyse

Regression analysis

When users assess or choose products and services, such processes always depend on a range of different features. If you only take the overall evaluation into consideration, you may know how good or bad the consumer finds the product or service to be; however, how the assessment was made or what factors play a role in the evaluation remain unknown.

We take pride in


Quality studies

Preparation and evaluation of international quality studies IQS, Apeal, etc. for senior management, specialist development departments and factories. Support in drawing up recommendations for action and objectives for the internal target system at a major automobile manufacturer.

Kreisverkehr China

Collection of driving data

DriveTrack®: Comprehensive collection of driving data with the help of data loggers looking at use of the vehicle in everyday life in the United States, China, Japan and the EU.

Daten anlysieren, auswerten, Frau, Post-its an einer Wand

Customer satisfaction surveys

Evaluation of international and cross-brand customer satisfaction surveys in the automotive sector to determine competitive information, identify current and future trends and answer strategic questions. Processing findings and reporting to senior management as well as development and strategy departments.

Mann nimmt an einer Fahrstudie teil, Bewertung, Besprechung mit Interviewerin

Strategy consultation

Survey and analysis of mobility and vehicle data linking these to additional structure data to determine strategic recommendations for product development, marketing and strategy departments at a major automobile manufacturer.

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