With RecModul®, we record vehicle-related data (e.g., speed) in real time while driving by linking our own survey software directly to a vehicle interface. We use the signals sent from the vehicle to establish a connection between survey content and predefined events (such as, reaching a certain speed). This allows for data to be collected directly after experiencing an event rather than the usual practice of keeping a logbook or holding post-hoc interviews. 

The feedback is directly documented by our software via voice command, which means less data loss, a minimization of memory distortions, and no interviewer influence. 

This methodological approach enables us to enhance objective measurement data with high-quality subjective survey data. As a result, needs, pain points, and identify typical behavior patterns while driving can be identified, which helps us and, in turn, you to better understand users in their natural environment and to design products based on user experience.

This method is suitable, in particular, for studies that look at the handling and control behavior over longer periods of time.

  • Interaction with various control elements in vehicles (how often is a control action carried out and in which situations?)
  • Typical behavior patterns in relevant situations (are there recurring operating procedures? Can we glean potential for optimization from this?)
  • Evaluation of previously defined characteristics over a period of time (how does the user experience acceleration or cornering?