Usability Engineering

  • Context analysis
  • User requirements
  • Design/interaction design   
  • Control specification 
  • Usability tests
  • Localization infotainment
  • Technical documentation

Do you want to develop user-focused products and services? 

Do you want to find the best way to customize the user experience of your product to meet the needs and demands of your target group?  

Do you want to combine operability and technological developments even better than before? 

Are you planning on implementing user-focused technical documentation for interactive products and services?

  • We support you with our UX experts in developing a human-machine interface. We help you at certain intervals in the important phase of a project or even during development for the long term.   
  • We determine the usability context and draw up user requirements. When developing HMI concepts, we apply methods and tools from the user-focused development process. We implement concepts prototypically and safeguard them with the help of usability tests.
  • Our goal: User-friendly and simple service that inspires your customers! 



Do you need target group-specific texts for your product development?

You want your product to be easily understood and used by users?

  • We offer comprehensive support for the creation and management of texts
  • The text is created taking into account the client's specifications, including terminology and target group
  • We manage the localization process and provide quality assurance
  • Our goal is to produce high-quality, end customer-friendly texts in German for your specific target group

Our methods

Icon Contextual Inquiry, Mensch an Computer, Mensch dokumentiert
Icon Contextual Inquiry, Mensch an Computer, Mensch dokumentiert
Icon Contextual Inquiry, Mensch an Computer, Mensch dokumentiert

Contextual inquiry

A user-centered product development requires understanding the user and being able to put yourself in her shoes. With contextual inquiry, we observe users in their familiar environment when handling the product, ask them about their experience, and thus gain valuable insights for the remainder of the project.
Icon Personas, unterschiedliche Charaktere


Personas are descriptions of exemplary target customers of a product. They are not descriptions of a real person but rather a prototypical representative of a target group, which may certainly be represented in an exaggerated form to clearly highlight the relevant user profile. This is a person who could be part of the target group exactly how it is described. A persona lends a face to a rather abstract description of characteristics.
Icon Prototyping, Wuerfel


When developing digital products, user experience designers (UX Designers) ask themselves again and again whether the operating logic is understandable, the arrangement of objects is comprehensible and the joy of use for the customer has also been ensured. These questions can best be clarified with user interface prototypes.
Icon Usability-Test, Tablet bedienen

Usability tests

Should your product be tested in terms of usability? We identify satisfaction factors or uncover pitfalls in the operating procedures of a system, user interface, or software. We offer tailored solutions to match your learning objectives, your schedule, and your budget: From a quick usability test for a first impression of acceptance to extensive safeguarding with an international study design and large numbers of cases studies.
Icon Bedienspezifikation, Entity-Relationship-Modell

Control specification

Do you need detailed documentation of the display and operating concept as a basis for developing software? Our UX consultants are happy to help: either selectively in the important phase of a project or even during development in the long term. We draw up specifications, document generally accepted practices (golden rules), and define operating logic, operating procedures, and operating modalities.

We take pride in

Hand beruehrt Touchscreen

User-focused development

Developing an innovative touchscreen concept for deleting incorrect entries. Objective: Reducing distraction times and minimising control errors while driving.

Usability Test, Frau bedient Waschtrockner

How will clothes dryers work in the future? | Usability test

A usability test on a new user interface Concepts for washer-dryers based on low-fidelity prototypes in China.

HMI Konzeption, Elektromobilitaet, Mann steuert ein Auto


Designing new speech dialogue systems (“natural language”) and specifications in the premium car segment.

Auto laden, Elektromobilitaet

Interaction design

Human machine interface design in electric mobility on the topic of a charging cable for a sports car manufacturer.

Contact person

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Florian Sieper
Senior Director UI/UX
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