"The true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing."
(Isaac Asimov)

We know a lot, but we are always very open to finding out new things. This is how we are able to guarantee high quality standards and help our customers identify and respond to user requirements in increasingly complex systems.

We pass on our knowledge though our cooperation with universities and our commitment to research projects, and at the same time current research results are incorporated into our work, which, in turn, benefit our customers.

Our instructors and speakers work in the following areas:


Dr. Matthias Reisemann
  • Research and Development at Spiegel Institut
  • Studies in physics, PhD in applied engineering
  • With Spiegel Institut since 1999, active in the areas Usability and UX-Research and Consulting
  • Lecturer at the Aalen University of Applied Sciences in the UX program
  • Certified for CPUX-F, CPUX-UT, and CPUX-UR
  • Trainer for certification courses in CPUX-F, CPUX-UT, and CPUX-UR
  • Head of SI academy
  • National Expert of the German UPA
Matthias Reisemann
Chief Executive R&D
Head of SI academy
+49 7033-466 5835
Dr. Stephan Hammer
  • Studies in computer science and multimedia
  • Supervision of lectures, internships, and theses at the Chair of Human Centered Multimedia (University of Augsburg)
  • Has been with Spiegel Institut since 2018 in the area of User Experience Consulting
  • Certified for CPUX-F
  • Trainer for certification courses in CPUX-F
  • Lecturer at the Technical University of Ingolstadt in the User Experience Design program
  • Doctorate in Applied Informatics
Stephan Hammer
Coordinator UI/UX


Thomas Martlbauer
  • Coordinator User & Market Research
  • Degree in Psychology
  • With Spiegel Institut since 2016, active in the areas of Usability and Consulting with a focus on Automotive
  • Responsible for university cooperation and funding projects
  • Certified for CPUX-F and CPUX-UT
  • Trainer for certification courses in CPUX-F and CPUX-UT
Thomas Martlbauer
Coordinator User & Market Research


Paper Presentation at AMA Winter Academic Conference in San Diego

Paper Presentation at AMA Winter Academic Conference in San Diego

The international AMA Winter Academic Conference took place in San Diego from February 14-16. It is one of the most important marketing conferences in the world. Prof Dr. Marc Kuhn (DHBW), Prof. Dr. Benjamin Österle (DHBW) and Viola Marquardt (Spiegel Institut) presented results of a pan-European Usability Study on charging station infrastructure during the session »Innovating Through Cutting-Edge Technologies«.

„PAKoS“ project

How human drivers and digital pilots will be able to work together in the future was explored as part of the KIT-coordinated project “Personalized, Adaptive Cooperative Systems for Automated Vehicles”. The objective of the project, which Spiegel Institut also participated in, was to detect critical driving situations and to hand over control of the vehicle to the driver with enough foresight. After three years of development, the project presented a prototype for the human-machine interface in a driving demonstration on a test track in Bad Sobernheim.

Wir suchen Ambitionierte Studenten (m/w/d) für Abschlussarbeiten im Bachelor/Master.


Speech at CCRT Annual Summit

Our colleague Yuwei Jin hold a speech on the topic “Culture and Behavior Differences in Automotive Market Research” on the first CCRT (China Automotive Consumer Research and Testing Center, established by China Automotive Technology and Research…

Discover our inspiring workshops at Research & Results 2017

Presentations of results often do not automatically lead to an increase in acceptance of the study results in the company. Sometimes not even meaningful projects for the company can be drawn from market research studies.

Electric mobility - The mobility of the future

The widespread use of electric vehicles is still in its infancy. For consumers, the high acquisition costs and the current range an electric car can current travel are the top handicaps. However, with regard to growing urbanization in the world,…

Autonomous driving – How long until we no longer do the driving ourselves?

Driver assistance systems (DAS) have now arrived on the scene. Even small and compact cars now feature complex, sensor-based systems such as collision avoidance systems. This is a development that will certainly intensify in the next few years. All…

Urban mobility - mobility of the future

What will mobility look like in the future? And what kind of vehicles will be used? Mobility is the epitome of freedom. People are moving more and more, faster and faster, further and further, and their mobility is becoming increasingly spontaneous…

„Trend and innovation“

Society as a whole and each respective target group undergoes constant change, and lifestyles and values will be continuously adjusted or shifted. This is where trend research can help: We determine what are the drivers of these changes and how this…


  • UX/User Centred Design
  • User Requirements Engineering as a starting point for successful products
  • Mobility of the future
  • Digital Transformation in Human-Machine Interaction
  • Agile testing as a basis for cooperative development/co-creation

Contact person

Matthias Reisemann
Dr. Matthias Reisemann
Chief Executive R&D
Head of SI academy
+49 7033-466 5835