Insight Action Workshop – Translating insights into recommendations for action 

Presented by Anna Lewandowski, Head of Qualitative Market Research

Presentations of results often do not automatically lead to an increase in acceptance of the study results in the company. Sometimes not even meaningful projects for the company can be drawn from market research studies. This is where Spiegel Institut can help, as it offers an innovative workshop format as a space to exchange information and knowledge between consumers, institute market researchers, and clients: the INSIGHT ACTION WORKSHOP.



You just need to pull the nipple through the loop - A look at the diverse field of UX and usability

Presented by Fabian Hilkert, Project Manager for International Market Research

The terms user experience and usability are usually heard with regard to technical products such as mobile phones, automobiles, or software. The guiding principles of user-focused development can basically be applied to any form of products and services. Drawing on an example from the pharmaceutical industry, this presentation shows how the keywords usability context and target group can be employed in other areas of application.