Trend and target group research as a key building block in the innovation process

Why research trends?

Society as a whole and each respective target group undergoes constant change, and lifestyles and values will be continuously adjusted or shifted.

This is where trend research can help: We determine what are the drivers of these changes and how this is expressed in patterns of lifestyles and consumption.

Anticipating such developments before the competition is particularly important for companies …
... with long product development cycles: For these companies, it is essential to understand tomorrow’s markets and target groups today.

... that seek to orient their product innovation process not only on technology. Instead of asking “What is technically feasible?”, they want to find new solutions based on user’s needs by working together with lead users and external experts, instead asking “What does the target group need?” and “What is the user looking for?”.

What is the value added for our customers?

  • Not only do we provide a general overview of trends but also create contexts through ethnographic target groups and trend research, based on values and lifestyles.
  • In this way, we help our customers determine which short-term and fast-moving trends are relevant and sustainable for their brand.

The objective of an inclusive process of trend research and future studies as well as knowledge management from ideation to implementation is to help our customers develop the products of tomorrow while remaining focused on the target group.