Publications 2019

Medical insurance in China? Insured but not for sure…

Last year, the movie “Dying to survive” turned out to be the box office smash hit and led to a huge discussion about the medical insurance system in China. It was a story about how a Chinese leukemia patient smuggled cheaper cancer treatment medicine from India.

Level of quality once again confirmed in 2019: Spiegel Institut has been certified by TÜV for the 11th time

The result of this year’s successful audit confirms the level of quality at all Spiegel Institut sites for the 11th time in a row. The TÜV audit according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard has been carried out annually since 2009. With this certification, Spiegel Institut is able to offer its customers the peace of mind that it continuously upholds proven quality standards.

“In Car WeChat” is coming

WeChat, the most popular and most used super APP in China, is now about to launch an extended product: “In Car WeChat” APP for car system this year. Here is the newest information about it.

Entertainment on the smart phone

We will publish an article about China every month introducing what’s going on in the rapidly developing country, written by our Chinese college Yue Liu who has been living in Germany for 5 years, illustrating the intercultural difference between Germany and China. Today’s topic is about popular APPs in China.

Spiegel Institut establishes Center of Excellence for User Experience (UX) in China: Effective immediately: Spiegel Institut is a member of UXPA China

As a consulting firm with global experience in the areas of User Experience Consulting (UX) and Usability Engineering (UE), Spiegel Institut with its two locations in China has become an official member of the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) China.

Current study from Spiegel Institut shows solid opportunities for digital asset management

The financial and insurance world is in the midst of major changes. The number of digital services offered by banks and insurance companies is steadily increasing, but how do consumers respond to these offers? A recent survey from Spiegel Institut in Mannheim provides insights into the behavior, needs, and desires of consumers when dealing with financial matters on the internet.

Byton & Spiegel Institut at the Automotive Roundtable in Shanghai

Human Centered Vehicle Design & Development Process“ is the topic of the international automotive roundtable in Shanghai, March 28. The top issue: human centered design.

Spiegel Institut Academy remains on course for growth

Specific, in-depth expertise in the field of User Experience and Usability Engineering, practical knowledge from the world of consumer research as well as intercultural know-how, all this is covered by Spiegel Institut Academy in its training and seminars. It is an offer that delivers; this can be seen in the number of seminar bookings, which more than doubled in 2018 alone. Seminars on the topics of User Experience (UX) and Usability Engineering (UE) are especially on course for growth.