Publications 2017

planning&analysis (6/2017): Jin Jlussi with anecdotes from international field work

International market research poses challenges. Cultural peculiarities need to be recognized and taken into account at all research stages. This also applies to recruiting participants. Jin Jlussi from Spiegel Institut Mannheim points out where pitfalls may lurk.

A complete success: The first World Usability Day in Ingolstadt, Germany organized by Spiegel Institut and the Technical University of Ingolstadt

The first World Usability Day (WUD) in Ingolstadt was a success, and with the idea that “after the WUD is before the WUD” in, plans for the next event to be held in 2018 are already in the starting blocks according to two organisers Spiegel Institut and the Department of User Experience Design at the Technical University of Ingolstadt.

An invitation to see UX in research & practice: Spiegel Institut and the Technical University of Ingolstadt organize the first World Usability Day in Ingolstadt, Germany

The day has come: On November 9, 2017, Spiegel Institut and the Department for User Experience Design of the Technical University of Ingolstadt extend an invitation to the first World Usability Day. The annual global event series is being held for the 13th time, and this year’s motto is “Inclusion through user experience”.

Virtual reality, workshops & ice cream cones: Spiegel Institut at Research & Results 2017

Under the motto “Meet the Future of Market Research”, the world’s leading trade fair for market research “Research & Results” is taking place in Munich from October 25-26, 2017. Spiegel Institut is once again on hand at the international conference for trends and innovations in market research with an offer worth seeing.

Spiegel Institut at “Man and Machine 2017”

User experience consulting and usability research of technical devices make up the core of Spiegel Institut’s daily work, and as a silver sponsor of German UPA it goes without saying that this institute will attend this year's conference “Man and Machine” in Regensburg.

Quality at the highest level: Spiegel Institut once again certified by TÜV

Spiegel Institut has been assessed by TÜV each year since 2009. This year was the first time the assessment was based on the new ISO 9001:2015 standard. The new DIN standard adopts a process-oriented approach and allows for a higher level of effectiveness in the quality management system.

Spiegel Institut: The team for consumer research and user experience consulting is growing.

In their daily work, researchers and consultants at Spiegel Institut around the world are placing the focus on the user and tracing the experience of the experience.

Student survey: How is Mannheim perceived?

Nearly 1,700 students from the various universities in the city were so interested by this question that they decided to participate in the biannual survey organized by the City of Mannheim in cooperation with Spiegel Institut.