Do smart assistants really take away the FUN?

18. November 2021
We often test smart systems for different manufacturers. Depending on the area and product, consumers may enjoy or complain about the integrated smart assistant. In the following text we elaborate on different areas where smart assistants are used and consumers opinions on those smart assistants.

The Motorcycling Subculture in China

08. November 2021
Back in the 90s, compared to a car a motorcycle was the cheaper option in terms of transportation. This still applies to a lot of families and individuals in the less developed cities and suburb areas of big cities in China. In this article we highlight the cultural difference considering the meaning of having a motorcycle in China and Germany.

The endless desire of being prettier: A booming beauty industry and the body anxiety among Chinese women and men

10. September 2021
Plastic/cosmetic surgery is no longer a rarity these days. It is still mainly women who undergo aesthetic surgery, but the demand from men is increasing. Culturally, there are some differences in which changes to the body are considered. In this article we will take a look at the booming beauty industry in China.

You are what you drive: How are personalities from Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche perceived? - A comparison between China and Germany - Part 2

15. July 2021
In our first article, we took a closer look at the car brands Audi and BMW and discussed how German and Chinese drivers perceive these cars. Now we will continue with Mercedes-Benz and Porsche and present the different points of view.

You are what you drive: How are personalities from Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche perceived? - A comparison between China and Germany - Part 1

12. July 2021
Brand perception research studies show a vivid picture of car brands as different persons. And there are clear differences in brand perception in Germany and China. For this article series we use the topic “brand image as a person” to explain the cultural, political, and economic background and further: how the brands got their image in China and Germany.

How Chinese Manufacturers are Using Gamification to Gain Customer Loyalty

04. June 2021
Simulation games continue to enjoy great pleasure among gaming fans. Escaping from everyday life and immersing yourself in virtual but real-life-like worlds, designing a theme park, building cities, or imitating activities you can't do in real life – that's the appeal of this type of video games. Chinese manufacturers are now using the enthusiasm for these games in different business models.

The Meaning of “Luxury” for Chinese Consumers

19. April 2021
Spiegel Institut has conducted plenty of market and consumer researches for premium manufacturers all over the world. Before we go more into detail about premium products or brand image during interviews, we always ask the study participants one definition question: What does “luxury” mean to you? Here we noticed clear differences between the answers of the European and Chinese consumers.

Spiegel Institut Speaks at International Forum (TEDA) on Chinese Automotive Industry Development

16. April 2021
Due to the pandemic, this year’s China Automotive Consumption Summit of the Forum, a dedicated consumer conference, was held online on March 30, 2021. As a strategic partner of CATARC, Spiegel Institut had the great honor to be the only foreign enterprise invited to deliver a speech at the Summit with the topic: Through the Eyes of the User: Automotive Trends in Europe – Consumer Perception and Customer Experience.

“My pet is my son” – The booming pet market in China

06. April 2021
The pet market in China is booming. One reason for this is that there are more and more single-lived people in tier 1 and 2 cities who need a companion. The emotional need for a pet leads to the purchase of products and services in a much bigger scope. So let`s face the differences regarding pet raising between Germany and China and the major products and services on the pet market in China.

The Involution

18. March 2021
As mentioned in the previous article, Chinese will do everything they can to support their children's education, allowing them to learn all the knowledge and special skills that will help them attending a good university. So in China everyone is facing the involution. But what does it mean?

Social Mobility

08. March 2021
In our second article about the Chinese mindset we want to focus on social mobility. What is the key to an upward mobility and how can Chinese fall down to the lower class? Let's find out!

Respect for Scholars and the Importance of Education

01. March 2021
The Chinese mindset impacts consumer behaviors in a lot of aspects. We often notice in user requirement research, that the Chinse consumers need happiness right away, or they need assistance products solving their problems to save their time. Why do Chinese need so much assistance in their daily life? Why are they always short of time? Why are they so anxious? Introducing the mindset is a good way to have a deeper understanding of consumers in a certain milieu.

Innovation – the key to win the heart of Chinese customers

13. January 2021
In the past, there has been an interesting development within the Chinese market. Until recently, Chinese consumers rejected Chinese brands for one simple reason: Products from Chinese brands are often nothing but a copy of brands from abroad, but with worse quality for a cheaper price. However, in the last few years, we notice that Chinese consumers talk more and more about local brands across all industries.

Xiao Hong Shu (Little Red Book) is THE e-commerce cosmetics platform in China

04. December 2020
A few years ago, when we asked Chinese participants in our studies which social media platforms they regularly use, we usually received two answers: WeChat and Weibo (similar to Twitter). But as time passes by, we now hear one name more and more often, especially from female participants: Xiao Hong Shu (“little red book”).

In-Car Dashcams, a must-have for Chinese drivers - or: how to protect yourself from Pèngcí

27. November 2020
Have you ever heard about the Chinese word “Pèngcí”? Let's find out what it means and why dashcams become more and more desirable for drivers in China.