Individual workshops are often insufficient to fully embed a user-focused approach (user-focused design) in a team or department for the long term. Our UX coaching is a coaching process that addresses the topics of implementation or development of a user-focused approach yet also features the typical characteristics of coaching.

For example, it is important for the coach, while possessing the corresponding expertise, to not merely provide instructions on how to proceed nor should she perform the necessary steps herself. The goal of coaching is always to empower people or companies to develop skills themselves in order to independently take the necessary steps in the future.

Our UX coaching primarily addresses project teams during the transformation phase. A defining characteristic here is accompanying our client in normal daily working conditions or in the work context, thereby conducting the coaching precisely where the changes should be implemented. Often the actual coaching is preceded by a knowledge transfer phase, possibly in the form of workshops so that the coaches have an appropriate foundation to work on and also to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

In addition to coaching project teams, transformation processes and organizational changes can be particularly challenging for executives. Here, we offer supportive coaching with a user-focused perspective. In regular meetings with one of our UX coaches, you will be able to reflect on processes, structures or progressive changes.