What is an expert review?

An expert review is the evaluation of an interactive product or service by our UX experts with the goal of identifying weaknesses in the user experience or in the use and functionality of the product or service. The review is carried out using heuristics, guidelines, standards, and use cases to identify any irregularities that may cause difficulties for the target group when using or operating the product. An expert review is one of the few methods in the user-centered design process that does not call for the direct involvement of users.

When should an expert review be conducted?

An expert review is the method of choice if there is not enough time or funding for an evaluation study with future users. The first choice may be an expert review in the early phases of the project while the research subject is still very abstract: Drawing on their many years of experience, our UX experts can identify potential weaknesses, which a user many not notice due their lack of experience. It can be useful to plan an expert review at the beginning of a project in addition to usability tests; however, this cannot replace an evaluation with real users.

How does an expert review work?

An expert review consists of four phases, which apply to each project and each question:

  • Clarify the task at hand
    Working closely with you, we will clarify who is the target group for your product and what goals may users have by using your product or service. Based on this, we draw up use cases to be studied more closely within the scope of the expert reviews. We then take a closer look at your research subject (sketch, prototype, or simulation).
  • Cognitive walkthrough and heuristic evaluation
    The cognitive walkthrough of predetermined use cases forms the backbone of our expert reviews: Our UX experts can thus verify if the product is suitable for the tasks that future users will want to use it for. This interaction process will be accompanied by a review of the interface with the help of heuristics, guidelines, and standards: Have the most important design rules been observed or are there aspects that will make it difficult for future customers to use the interface as desired? 
  • Prioritize the findings
    Within the context of our evaluation, our the UX experts discuss and assess all findings with regard to their impact on the user experience. In addition to potential pitfalls, it is important to emphasize here the positive aspects that direct the users or may be a cause for fun when using the product.
  • Draw up recommendations for action
    We identify which positive aspects must certainly be kept and come up with specific recommendations to eliminate pitfalls and weaknesses and to improve the user experience.

What kind of results can be expected?

You will receive a comprehensive catalog that shows the relevant UX findings and is supplemented by specific recommendations or suggestions. This forms a concrete basis for working on your next round of optimizing your product, and you’ll gain a good feeling of having set the course towards a good user experience at an early stage.